A multiview multimodal system for monitoring patient sleep

Carlos Torres, Jeffrey C Fried, Kenneth Rose, Bangalore S Manjunath


Clinical observations indicate that during critical care at the hospitals, a patient's sleep positioning and motion have a significant effect on recovery rate. Unfortunately, there is no formal medical protocol to record, quantify, and analyze motion of patients. There are very few clinical studies that use manual analysis of sleep poses and motion recordings to support medical benefits of patient positioning and motion monitoring. Manual processes do not scale, are prone to human errors, and put strain on an already taxed healthcare workforce. This study introduces multimodal, multiview motion analysis and summarization for healthcare (MASH). MASH is an autonomous system, which addresses these issues by monitoring healthcare environments and enabling the recording and analysis of patient sleep-pose patterns. MASH uses three RGB-D cameras to monitor patients in a medical intensive care unit (ICU) room.

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Carlos Torres, Jeffrey C Fried, Kenneth Rose, Bangalore S Manjunath,
Apr. 2018.