Research in the center covers a broad spectrum of multimedia signal processing and analysis. In recent years, researchers in the center have pioneered the development of feature extraction with application to image registration, segmentation, steganography and information retrieval from large multimedia databases. The researchers in the center participate in several interdisciplinary projects including the Bio-image informatics project whose goal is to develop, test and deploy a unique, fully operational distributed digital library of bio-molecular image data accessible to researchers around the world, and the graduate training program in Interactive Digital Multimedia.

BisQue has been used to manage and analyze 23.3 hours (884GB) of high definition video from dives in Bering Sea submarine canyons to evaluate the density of fishes, structure-forming corals and sponges and to document and describe fishing damage. 

The BisQue image analysis platform was used to develop algorithms to assay phenotypes such as directional root-tip growth or comparisons of seed size differences.

In this project, we integrate the microstructure analysis software package Dream.3D into BisQue. 

The Multimodal Multiview Network for Healthcare is a collaborative effort between researchers from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California Santa Barbara and the intesivists and medical practitioners from the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. The Objective of the research is to improve quality of care by  monitoring patients and workflows in real ICU rooms. The network is non-disruptive and non-intrusive and the methods and protocols to protect and maintain the privacy of patients and staff.