Help Drive the Future of AI-Driven Image Management

Enabled by the widespread deployment of LIDAR sensors, cameras, microscopes and other capture devices, and powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, scientists across disciplines now have the tools to uncover crucial image-based insights that will help them to launch new innovations, change the way they interact with customers and manage their operations.

Now your company can stay one step ahead by helping shape the future of AI-driven image management.

The BisQue Commercial Consortium—Making It Work For You

Already in use in the healthcare and life science fields, BisQue shows great promise for use in advanced materials research and other domains such as security, traffic management and manufacturing.  Companies in all of these industries now have the opportunity to influence the direction of BisQue by joining the BisQue Commercial Consortium (BCC). As a BCC member, your company can participate in discussions on software development roadmaps, platform architecture, integrations, and more.

We encourage you to consider joining BCC and welcome your enquiries about investment and benefis.  For more information, contact:

Marcel Badart
Director of Corporate Relations and Philanthropy
mbadart [at] ucsb [dot] edu

B. S. Manjunath
Director, Center For Multimodal Big Data Science and Healthcare
manj [at] ucsb [dot] edu